Woodsong Instruments

Lakota Love Flutes

Key Classification Price
E Piccolo $35
D Piccolo $35
C Piccolo $40
Bb Fife $45
A Flute $50
G Flute $55
F Flute $60
E Flute $65
Eb Flute $70
D Irish Flute $75
C# Flute $80
C Flute $80
The Lakota love flute is also known as the Kokopeli style Native American flute, or Whistle flute.

Our Whistle flute is not a true Native American style flute but a hybrid invention of our own. We use a narrow diameter material which adds more range, often achieving 2½ to 3 octaves. We produce these flutes in all keys and scales, not only the traditional Native American keys.

The flute's mouthpiece is a thipple style with the air slide tied on for the longevity of the flute. These flutes create a bird-like sound similar to the North American flute and also play like the Irish penny whistle. They are completely constructed of bamboo and are beautifully finished and bound.

See the main flutes page for key recommendations.

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