Woodsong Instruments



I make flutes and music because I believe every body is composed of music.

Call it light.
Call it music.
Call it matter.
It is all the same stuff in various varying forms.

Now, I have given considerable thought to the questions: "Why do I enjoy the making of Bamboo Flutes after more than thirty years and over 100,000 flutes?" and "Why do I enjoy playing them still?"

You see, I really like birds (I wish I could fly like a bird). I like the melodies they make, as well as the harmonies of the frogs and crickets, wind and water, lightning and thunder . . .
I like the music of nature.

Playing the flute lets me participate in nature's symphony. Drums are like the heartbeat of the land. Strings are the sounds of the wind as it blows past and flows around tree trunks, branches and twigs, inducing them into vibratory states (sometimes too subtle to hear with the adult human ear).

The Bamboo Flute incorporates all of this in its music. It is a fun, easy and energizing way of participating in the process of creation.

I have a wonderful life. I live in the forest with my family, surrounded by musicians. There is always someone to play with here.

~ Rob Yard


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