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Classification Price
Small $80
Medium $120
Large $150
The Didgeridoo is one of the world's oldest instruments, traditionally played by native people of Australia and New Zealand. In today's World Music it is an indispensable drone and rhythm instrument.

Playing the "didge" is very relaxing and strengthening to the lungs and diaphragm. It has been recommended for sleep apnea and stress management, used in meditation and sound therapy, used professionally and most frequently at drum circles, and is a great living room entertainment!

Playing the didge energizes the player; the longer one plays the better one feels. Rob attributes this effect to the increased pressure on the inhaled air, resulting in increased condensation and the release of energy in the player's body.

We make our Didgeridoos from bamboo we grow in Florida and Virginia. The standard didge is a straight tube ranging in size from 1" x 4½' to 1½" x 5-6'. The tube is bored, burned and sanded inside and out and has a tooled, rounded mouthpiece. Finally it is bound in several places with fine, strong thread to enhance its longevity.

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