Woodsong Instruments

Woodsong Bamboo Flutes

Key Classification Price
E Piccolo $26
D Piccolo $28
C Piccolo $32
Bb Fife $36
A Flute $40
G Flute $44
F Flute $48
E Flute $52
Eb Flute $52
D Irish Flute $56
C# Flute $60
C Flute $60
B Flute $65
Bb Flute $65
A Scottish Flute $70
This is our contemporary version of the ancient side blown (transverse) flute played around the world.

This flute has 6 holes on the front face; it is constructed of a long jointed variety of bamboo which we grow and harvest in Florida. The material is harvested by hand after it has died naturally in the stand; this process returns the life force to the stand for its wellbeing and longevity. Since these poles are fully mature they provide maximum stability and strength to the flute. The material is further dried in the shade, cut to relative length and torched to remove moisture and solidify the fibers of the bamboo for a more resonant sounding instrument. They are finally tuned and finely finished.

Rob tunes transverse flutes in the traditional diatonic scales; piccolo to bass, in the healing Daoist pentatonic scales and more exotic (Arabian, Indian or Chinese) scales. Special requests are always welcomed.

Recommendations: If you're not sure which flute to choose, the middle G is a great choice and the most common medium sized flute. Another good choice is the slightly larger D or Irish Flute. For large hands try the C flute or the largest of all, the bottom A, popular in Scotland. For children the C or D Piccolo are the most popular choices.

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