Woodsong Instruments

Pan Pipes

Classification Size Price
Pentatonic 1 octave = 6 tubes $78
Pentatonic 1½ octave = 9 tubes $117
Pentatonic 2 octave = 11 tubes $143
Major Scale 1 octave = 8 tubes $104
Major Scale 1½ octave = 12 tubes $156
Major Scale 2 octave = 15 tubes $195
The Pan Pipe or Pan flute is an ancient instrument that has emerged from many cultures around the globe.

Over the years we have made various kinds of Pan Pipes: Western style, Andean style, Chinese style and more. Currently we are offering the Western style pipe as it is the most affordable and most familiar. This is a flat top bracket of tubes bound together in the scale of choice in pentatonic or diatonic tunings. These flutes can be tiny 1 octave pentatonics to massive 3 octave diatonics.

These flutes are built from bamboo grown and harvested by us and properly seasoned, burned and sanded. Each tube is individually tuned to produce the chosen scale, permanently bound together and finished with a beaded strap so it can be worn while playing. This is an end blown instrument, easy to play, a great addition to play along or for enjoyable solo playing. Good for starting anyone on the flute!

Recommendations: The 2 octave major scale pipe (pictured above) is a great choice. Also, we recommend the keys of E, A and D for the pentatonic and C, D and G for the major scale.

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