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Classification/Size Price
Student Model $130
Professional Model $250
This is our version of the Japanese Shakuhachi, the traditional pentatonic instrument of Japan.

The word "Shakuhachi" translates as the length of the flute: Shaku (about 12") + Hachi (eight tenths of a Shaku). This length produces the key of D, the traditional key of this world famous instrument known for its eerie, haunting sound and deep body penetrating resonance.

The mouthpiece is a cleft style inlayed with a very thin slice of buffalo hoof, which allows for the lovely reed-like vibrations and high ringing sound for which the flute is known. The instrument is fashioned from a long growing, very hard variety of bamboo which we grow and hand harvest in Florida. It is traditionally made from the root or lowest joint of the pole, which is most dense and requires much effort to achieve a perfect bore. We sell this as our deluxe model (sorry, not currently available).

The first picture above shows an example of a professional model on the left, a deluxe model in the center and student model on the right. The second picture shows a closeup of the buffalo hoof inlay and the third shows a closeup of the base of the deluxe model.

This very special instrument is more challenging to play than the other flutes but well worth the effort. We produce the traditional key of D, the non-traditional key of C and other keys upon request. We also offer a student model without the mouthpiece inlay at lesser cost.

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