Woodsong Instruments

Whistle Flutes

Key Classification Price
E Piccolo $35
D Piccolo $35
C Piccolo $40
Bb Fife $45
A Flute $50
G Flute $55
F Flute $60
E Flute $65
Eb Flute $70
D Irish Flute $75
C# Flute $80
C Flute $80
Our Whistle flute is a hybrid instrument. We use a narrow diameter material which adds more range, often achieving 2½ to 3 octaves. We produce these flutes in all keys and scales.

The flute's mouthpiece is a thipple style with the air slide tied on for the longevity of the flute. These flutes create a bird-like sound and play like the Irish penny whistle. They are completely constructed of bamboo and are beautifully finished and bound.

See the main flutes page for key recommendations.

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